The podcast for Bomb Technicians & Investigators

Blasting Her Way To The Top

IABTI Advisor Tina Sherrow interviews recognized industry expert Dr. Cathy Aimone-Martin. Dr. Aimone-Martin is an Emeritus Professor at New Mexico Tech. Dr. Cathy shares some of her many years of experience.

King County Cutter

Region I Director Brennan Phillips and Retired King County Bomb Tech, Steven A. Kometz discuss the history of the what they are calling, The King County Cutter. This podcast is sponsored by WMD Tech. https://www.wmdtech.com/

CIPBI & The International Community

David O'Sullivan talks with International Director, Jake Bohi and Col. Al Yaqout of Kuwait's Ministry of Interior about the Certified International Post Blast Investigator (CIPBI)program and its relevance to the international community.

Global Trends with Michael Cardash

Past International Director, David O'Sullivan hosts Michael Cardash. Michael is a retired Superintendent of the Israeli National Police, Senior CID Analyst with Terrogence/Verint and author of the Mobius Reports.