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bomb technicians and investigators
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Our Mission

We are committed to countering and defeating the growing menace that bombs and weapons of mass destruction present.

Who We Are

It is people like our members who serve their country and their fellow man by placing themselves in harm’s way so that the rest of us may sleep peacefully, that make the IABTI so vital.

Membership Benefits

From In-Service Training, our Detonator Magazine and Buyer’s Guide, Exclusive Website and Scholarship Programs, and more..

Professional Certification Program

The CIPBI certification is to specify the minimum critical competencies for service as a Certified Post Blast Investigator (CIPBI) within IABTI.

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Our Members Are..

EOD Equipment

Buyers Guide

The IABTI produces an annual EOD Equipment Buyer’s Guide. Our goal is to include all EOD Equipment and Service providers. The Buyer’s Guide will be distributed world-wide to Bomb Squads, Bomb Data Centers, Military and related agencies.

Beeping Eggs

The Rachel Project

IABTI member David Hyche sought a way for his blind daughter Rachel to participate fully in a church Easter egg hunt. The hunt is not very fun or rewarding for a child when someone must lead them around and put their hand on the egg. Hyche searched the Internet and found that the Blind Children’s Center in Los Angeles, Calif., had information on their Web site about plastic eggs that beep, allowing a blind or visually impaired child to find the eggs on their own.

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