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Police Explosive ordnance disposal mentor in som

Posted 8/15/2019

SAIC is seeking highly qualified men and women to serve as Police EOD Mentors with operational and command expertise in police EOD/Hazardous Devices Unit operations. The Police EOD Mentor will be responsible for training, advising and mentoring specialized police units and police commanders in Somalia (SOM) on best practices and procedures related to hazardous and explosive device unit operations. The Police EOD Mentor will advise, train and mentor Somalia Police Force (SPF) commanders and Police EOD Technicians on criminal, terrorist preparation and attack tactics involving explosives and hazardous devices as well as the best countermeasures, response and render-safe tactics related to police EOD Unit operations.

Oak Grove Technologies, LLC

wide range of opportunities

Huntsviell, AL
Posted 4/25/2019

Oak Grove Technologies, LLC a fast growing federal contractor, has a wide range of opportuniteis at the FBI’s Hazardous Devices School.