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A Closer Look at Raven’s Challenge

David O’Sullivan interviews John Simpson and Brad Simmons from Raven’s Challenge. John is the Project Manager and Brad is the Project Lead. To find more information about Raven’s Challenge events go to www.psbseod.com

The Rachel Project aka Beeping Eggs

Chair of the Past International Directors, David O'Sullivan talks with Bomb Squad Commander and master egg builder Angie Swaim of the Winston-Salem PD Bomb Squad. Angie has been building beeping eggs for the IABTI and her surrounding area for years. Get her take on...

Benefits of Ongoing Education for Bomb Techs

Lt Jason Hodges, OKCPD Bomb Squad Commander and IABTI Region II Director hosts Tom Gersbeck. Tom is an Adjunct Associate Professor & Coordinator of Military Affairs at OSU, Tulsa. Tom is also the author of Practical Military Ordnance Identification.

Blasting Her Way To The Top

IABTI Advisor Tina Sherrow interviews recognized industry expert Dr. Cathy Aimone-Martin. Dr. Aimone-Martin is an Emeritus Professor at New Mexico Tech. Dr. Cathy shares some of her many years of experience.