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Nine from Aberdeen Part 1

Our host for this episode is Colonel Leo Bradley (Ret). He will be speaking with Dr. Jeffrey Leatherwood. Dr. Leatherwood is an American History Professor and author of the book Nine from Aberdeen. Col. Bradley and Dr. Leatherwood will discuss military EOD history and...

Radiation Myths and Misconceptions Part 1 on Radiation

In this upcoming series of podcasts, David O'Sullivan and Dr. Andrew Karam will discuss Andy's vast knowledge on radiation safety. Andy has been doing this for a long time. He joined the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Power Program in 1981. Since then he has continued his work...

Trending Global threats with Michael Cardash

David O'Sullivan and Michael Cardash discuss sticky bombs, drones and explosive events around the world. Michael is a retired Superintendent of the Israeli National Police, Senior CID Analyst with Terrogence/Verint and author of the Mobius Reports.