Suleiman Al-N’eimat

IABTI member for 5+ years.

Suleiman Al-N’eimat is a 5+ year IABTI Region VII member. He is the Director of technical directorate in GID/ JORDAN. Born in Ma’an, Jordan on the 1st of January 1971. In 1989 he attended MU’TAH University/ military wing in Karak, Jordan and graduated in June 1993 as 2nd lieutenant receiving a Bachelor’s degree in English literature and a diploma in military science.

In August 1993 he attended Royal Engineering Corp School in Zarga city / Jordan for an 8 month Engineering Officer Basic Course. Shortly thereafter, in April 1994, at the age of 23, he joined the Royal Jordanian engineering corps as an officer. He received his initial EOD and IED training and was posted to an engineering unit in Royal Guard corps. In February1996, he attended a second Engineering Officer Basic Course in Fort Leonard, Missouri, USA. In December 1996 he started in the explosive unit of GID, Jordan as explosive technician. For 10 years he was member of the explosive unit team.

In 2005, he became Assistant to the head of explosive where he completed operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; following up on work results, reviewing and analyzing special reports; summarizing information; identifying trends, managing daily administrative operations and the administrative work flow as well as establishing procedures for administrative support activities.

From 1996 to 2016, he participated in many national Committees and training courses that improved his knowledge and skills throughout his career as: Member in Jordanian Higher steering Committee for integrated field exercise 2014 (IFE14) and Member in Jordanian Committee for Export Controls and Licensing of Commodities. Seminar on peaceful use of nuclear energy and nuclear non-proliferation, 21st Interpol Asian regional conference, search and secure operations workshop, end use / end user analysis workshop, advanced explosives and terrorist activities, cooperative defense program environmental considerations in military operations seminar, planning and organizing course, undercover export investigations seminar, identification of strategic commodities instructor training, export licensing procedures and practices, proliferation awareness training workshop, CBRN response course, 13th international homicide symposium, bomb technicians training course, post blast investigation course, international counter terrorist course, advanced bomb technicians course, border security search training course. Subsequently he was assigned as Chief of the explosive unit (EOD, IED, crime scene Investigation). He successfully developed training and operations by utilizing the latest equipment in this field. He worked directly to ensure that all managerial and administrative matters complied with section vision, policies, and procedures, and prepared periodic reports/analysis on the activities for internal and external use.

In December 2009, he received a Master’s degree in Regional planning (administration & Planning) from AL-BALAQA applied university, Jordan. In June 2014, he achieved a Ph.D. in Business administration Specialized in Total Quality management (TQM), his dissertation title:
The impact of banking services quality dimensions on the performance: A field study on
Jordanian banks.
In 2019 Suleiman was promoted to Director of technical directorate. He is currently responsible for planning, vision, policies, and procedures, preparing monthly & annual work plans. Develop, review, and ensure the standard implementation of the operational procedures in the directorate.

Suleiman’s extensive experience and accomplishing multiple courses have enabled him to
successfully achieve a position as Region VII’s Jordanian Chapter Director.