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Wed, Dec 2

 12:00 – 13:00 EST

Modern Bombs Don’t Tick

Presented by Dr. Ed Bundy

If someone told you right now that they could build you an IED firing switch for under $40 that was no bigger than a stick of gum, but could be a light/dark trigger, and incorporated an acoustic, magnetic, proximity, tilt, and barometric switch…you’d probably say they were crazy.  But then if they told you that same switch had built in Artificial Intelligence (AI) so it could detect people, colors, or specific types of objects, and could be armed via Bluetooth or voice command, and set to arm and/or fire after any delay you want, from 1 millisecond up to 49.7 days…you’d know for sure they were crazy. Unfortunately they are not crazy, and just such a switch is available on Amazon in the form of a commercially available programmable circuit, and grade-school children are learning how to program them right now.

Analysis of exploited devices from various parts of the world indicates that approximately 60-70% of all the IEDs incorporate some form of programmable circuit, so bomb technicians need to be getting familiar with these as an emerging technology. This presentation will walk attendees through various types of commercially available micro-controllers available, sensor modules that can be attached, and how cheap and easy it is to make/program these types of circuits. I promise this webinar will be an eye-opener!

Wed, Dec 9

 12:00 – 14:00 EST

Part 1: Multi-Meter Class, Fluke 87

Presented by Skip Curtis

The first of a two-part hands-on training session teaching you several ways to use a multi-meter This first session we will only be using the Fluke 87 multi-meter. This meter is full-sized and somewhat expensive, with an average cost of around $400. But, it’s also the one that most bomb techs have and use for electronics work. Part II, offered December 16th, will cover a different meter. It should be clear that each attendee will need to have their own meter in order to get the best experience from this training.

Wed, Dec 16

 12:00 – 14:00 EST

Part 2: Multi-Meter Class, Fluke 101

Presented by Skip Curtis

The second of a two-part hands-on training that will continue to expand your knowledge of a multi-meter and make you more comfortable using it. This particular session will be focused on using the Fluke 101 meter. It can be acquired for about $40 and is suitable for the majority of bomb tech electrical work (as well a few things around the house if you’re so inclined). In order to get the most out of this training, each attendee should have their own Fluke 101 during the webinar. An email with an optional link for individual purchase will be disseminated soon.

Wed, Jan 6

 12:00 – 13:00 EST

Debrief:  Aurora Shooter’s Booby Trap

Firsthand account of the device that the shooter rigged in his apartment.

The webinars, for me, have been worthwhile.  I fall into the category of those who cannot attend events in person and this has allowed me to feel more connected. I need my Wednesday Webinar fix!


Until this webinar I thought I knew more about this subject than I did. Very good presentation.


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