Who Are We

We are the cop on the corner, the firefighter with the smoke-smudged face,
the soldier doing humanitarian de-mining, the analyst who examines the
pieces of the puzzle and the WMD specialist determining the potential
threat posed by our adversaries. We're also the people who are called
upon to eliminate that threat, and we do it every day.

It is people like our members who serve their country and their fellow man
by placing themselves in harm's way so that the rest of us may sleep peacefully,
that make the IABTI so vital. Our membership represents every facet of the
first responder community.

The underlying belief of the IABTI is that individuals and organizations
can more effectively combat terrorism and criminal activities by uniting
their efforts. Together we are meeting the challenge.

IABTI is a 501(c)3, non-profit association and was incorporated in 1974 in California.
The officers of the Association consist of the following and hold terms of office as indicated:

1) International Director, 1 year
2) 1st Assistant International Director, 1 year/Ascending
3) 2nd Assistant International Director, 1 year/Ascending
4) 3rd Assistant International Director, Elected/Ascending
5) Seven (7) Regional Directors, 2 years Elected
6) Secretary/Treasurer, Appointed