Membership Benefits

In-Service Training 

The IABTI offers training throughout the year. Annual International in-service training. Seven regional in-service training as well as numerous chapter level training.

Detonator Magazine

Our magazine, The Detonator, is published six times a year and is the only publication dedicated to bomb technicians and investigators. The Detonator provides technical information, explosive incident case reviews, bulletins, and advertisements for explosive incident related tools and technology. This is both a printed and digital publication.

EOD Equipment Buyer’s Guide

This annual publication (both printed and digital) is the quickest, easiest way to access WORLDWIDE EOD Equipment and Service providers. It includes manufacturers for all Explosive Ordnance Disposal related products, services, equipment & supplies. The Buyer's Guide is distributed internationally to Bomb Squads, Bomb Data Centers, Military and related agencies.

Members Only Web Site

The IABTI website has improved tenfold over the last several years and has a 'members only' section loaded with resources including:

  • Online Membership Directory
  • Online access to all IABTI publications
  • Online Library
  • IABTI store to purchase logo items
  • Plus much more…

Scholarship Program

The establishment of the IABTI Scholarship Fund in 2005 stemmed from the donation of seed money from two IABTI members; Roger Golden of Region III and an anonymous donor from Region VI. Collectively, the International Executive Board (IEB) and the Advisory Committee set forth the objectives for the IABTI Benevolent/Scholarship Fund to facilitate and foster education to IABTI members and/or their dependent family members.

Life Membership

Any REGULAR member of this Association who has made a significant contribution to the profession is eligible to apply for Life Membership, subject to review and final approval by the International Executive Board.  Two types of Life Membership exist, each with differing parameters.

Accidental Death 

In the past the IABTI provided life insurance for members of the IABTI. However, because of the onerous restrictions insurance companies placed on members, such as excluding those who were involved in war, fighting terrorism, or simply riding a motorcycle, the IABTI ceased offering life insurance. Instead, a new program was created to offer members in good standing a onetime, accidental death assistance of up to $15,000.00 USD.


The best reason to join IABTI is the network of bomb technicians, investigators and explosive detection K-9 professionals.

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